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v4.0 of the 30/09/21

Business Target
Secteurs :
    • Grandes Entreprises, Entreprises Industrielles, Entreprises de production.
Domaines :
    • Qualité, Sécurité –Santé et Environnement.

GEDACI-SMI is a platform for steering the policy of continuous improvement and the operational performance of companies. It is based on the reporting and risk analysis process as well as the handling of incidents or accidents that occur. GEDACI-SMI also facilitates the programming and monitoring of compliance activities to QHSE standards of the Integrated Management System (IMS).SMIThis may include, for example, activities like Internal or External audit, Management Committees, customer satisfaction surveys, process reviews, etc.GEDACI-SMI is finally a powerful strategic management tool that has a dashboard of various views and statistics for the operational monitoring of the smooth running of the Company.

For more information on GEDACI-SMI download the presentation leaflet.


GEDACI-SMI is a software for Managing Continuous Improvement in Companies. It is based on the standards of standards of Integrated Management System Quality, Health- Safety and Environment.

In facts GEDACI-SMI Anchors on two processes in company, namely

  • the risk reporting and analysis process as well as the handling of incidents or accidents that occur on the one hand;
  • The process of program management and tracking compliance activities to Quality, Security, health and environment Norms on the other hand ;

Each above process is configurated in GEDACI-SMI in order to facilitate the good control of incidents and of compliance activities. This control obays to a procedure which lead on to new tasks or actions which are soon assigned to employees of the company for them to execute.

GEDACI-SMI Then permits to :

  • Print and treats all incident or accidents declarations which happens ;
  • To schedule essential compliance activities of QHSE standards
  • To track attribution, execution and documentation of the overall activities and actions from the above process :
  • Define roles and create grants access level to differents data
  • From a Pc or tablet, Get views and divers states statistics on data capable of being exports to other environments (i.e. Pdf, Excel, etc...)

GEDACI-SMI installs in an Intranet environment with data management systems Oracle or SQL Server.

Advantages of GEDACI-SMI :

GEDACI-SMI Allows reliable and consolidated data:

  • sur la gestion des incidents et accidents qui surviennent au sein de l’Entreprise;
  • On the management of compliance activities to Quality, Security, health and environment Norms;
  • On the status of the implementation of prevention and correctives actions decided within the framework of the above processes


  • L’analyse des risques opérationnels;
  • The Company's compliance with the standards of the Integrated Management System (IMS) Quality-Health-Safety and Environment;
  • La Certification de l’Entreprise aux normes ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 2000 et ISO 14001;
  • La collaboration entre les employés et les équipes.
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